Sleep Important to Workout

Listen to The Connection Between Sleep and Your Workout

Sleep is about rhythms and patterns; 90 minute cycles.

Sleep is important for recovery, mood, motivation, alertness, decision making; overall health.

What is the most important thing I learned?

(1) Pre-bed routine and (2) how you wake up.

Aired March 14, 2016 on WTOP


Deadpool Training by Ryan Reynolds

Listen to: Ryan Reynolds’ Training for the Deadpool Role

People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man started days with a foam roller, then movement prep, focus on movements, dead lift and heavy squats.  His goal was functionality.  Knowing when to quit for the day was key.  Warming  up the entire body and diet was crucial.

Aired March 7 2016 on WTOP

Abs Scams: Debunking Quick 6 Pack / Abs Myths

Listen to: Abs Scams: Debunking Quick 6 Pack / Abs Myths

AbsScams: Definition

-Anything that will promise you 6 packs, flatten stomach, getting rid of that jelly belly in weeks, days or even hours. 

-A gadget or pill to reduce your stomach or give you a 6 pack. 

Are they legitimate?  Unfortunately…..It’s just not going to happen.

Ask yourself:
1.  What is the promised result?
2.  Is it a product, diet, exercise, supplement, gadget or cardio machine?
3.  What does it promise?  How long?  Is it an Expectation of less work and more results?

Not without cardio, diet, hydration, sleep, lifestyle changes.  Reduction of stress is KEY!

Ever have a ‘gut reaction’ or ‘gut feeling?’  Because that’s where the fat will go.

It’s important that you do a little something, not even every day.

You can reduce, but you can’t target the stomach.  It the long run, it will be EASIER and YOU WILL BENEFIT MORE from adopting an overall program that will keep you healthy and fit.


Aired Monday February 29, 2016 on WTOP