High Intensity Training -Warnings-

Listen to High Intensity Training -Warnings-

H.I.T. High Intensity Training  The most intense program that anyone can undertake.

Prior conditioning is essential.  Knowledge of sequencing, reps, sets, intensity  is imperative.

Tabata: all out for 4 minutes total.  20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Injuries result from too many exercises in a short period of time.  Without proper technique, instruction sleep,  hydration and frequency.

It’s not for everyone.  It’s for people who are well conditioned.

Aired on WTOP April 11, 2016

Taking a Cold Shower

Listen to The Coolest Trend in Fitness

*Always talk to your doctor or health care provider before attempting *

  • aids stimulation
  • stimulates brown fat
  • helps lose weight
  • increases blood circulation
  • fights inflammation post workout

Shower is faster more convenient, head to toe than ice bath.

Slowly, over a period of time, lower the temperature of the shower (to avoid shock).

Only spend 1-2 minutes.

Be very careful if you have respiratory or heart conditions.

*Always talk to your doctor or health care provider before attempting *

Better Body Through Mindfulness

Listen to:  Want a Better Body? Try Practicing ‘Mindfulness’

Increasing focus and attention.

Helps you to breathe, manage stress and anxiety. Planned repetition.

Better athletic performance.

Use a routine.  What is your goal?  Minimize distractions.

Stay ‘In the moment’ and ‘Be present with your workout and your body’

Originally aired on WTOP March 28, 2016

Reduce Belly Fat with a Healthy Gut

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What is the function of the gut?

  • digestion of food/absorption of nutrients
  • detoxification
  • maintenance of an immune barrier to the outside world
  • symbiotic relationship with good bacteria

Abs?  Core?  You need gut health!

Enhance gut health/reduce inflammation by CHEWING YOUR FOOD WELL!  Hydrate.  Slow down.  Eliminate processed foods.  Watch spicy, sugar, salt, artificial coloring, preservatives. Add fruits n veggies.

Aired on WTOP March 21 2016