How Many Steps?

Listen to:  New Exercise Target – Looking at All Factors

Aired on WTOP: March 27, 2017


Better Body Through Mindfulness

Listen to:  Want a Better Body? Try Practicing ‘Mindfulness’

Increasing focus and attention.

Helps you to breathe, manage stress and anxiety. Planned repetition.

Better athletic performance.

Use a routine.  What is your goal?  Minimize distractions.

Stay ‘In the moment’ and ‘Be present with your workout and your body’

Originally aired on WTOP March 28, 2016

Steps to Fitness

Listen to Moderate Activity Should Be Measured in Minutes

Debate over adequate amount of activity.

10,000 steps a day or MOVE MORE ?

Recommendation of CDC is min. 150 minutes of activity a week.

Healthy and fit and well being.  Focus on nose breathing.

Use the data, track your goals.

*As always, get the advice of a healthcare professional.

Originally aired on WTOP November 9, 2015