Burn Calories Playing Pickleball

Have Fun This Summer!

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Aired on WTOP – July 10 2017


How Much Cardio You Need

Listen to: How Much Cardio Do You Really Need to Do?

  • Focus on your needs and intensity.
  • Have goals based on needs.

Always consult your health care provider first!

Aired on WTOP February 20 2017

No Go – Long and Slow

Listen to: Quick Cardio to Burn Fat

Long cardio causes more stress, more cortisol.  You want less cortisol.

Endurance, focus on speed, power.

Variety is the key. Stimulate the heartrate.

skipping rope, sprinting, kettle bells. Stimulate your heart.  Don’t grind down your body.   Longer you go means more stress and harder to recover.

variety, marathon runner or sprinter?