Ankles: Very Important

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Pain Free


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Deadpool Training by Ryan Reynolds

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People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man started days with a foam roller, then movement prep, focus on movements, dead lift and heavy squats.  His goal was functionality.  Knowing when to quit for the day was key.  Warming  up the entire body and diet was crucial.

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The Art of Shadow Boxing

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Do anywhere activity.  Phenomenal benefits.  Relieves stress.

Fantastic form of exersize.  Great warmup.  Increase hand eye, balance, foot speed, core work.  Raises your heart rate.  Intervals of 2-3 minutes.

So important to know the basics.

As always, consult your health care provider before starting any physical activity.

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Joint Training for Joint Health

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Strength development

According to the CDC over 30% males, 55% females, 15% children will have some kind of problems with joints

Movement assessment for true range of motion

Loosing weight helps


Low impact exercises

F.R.O.M. Full Range of Motion

*As always, get the advice of a healthcare professional.

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