How To Become a Better Walker

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Aired on WTOP July 24, 2017


Joint Training for Joint Health

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Strength development

According to the CDC over 30% males, 55% females, 15% children will have some kind of problems with joints

Movement assessment for true range of motion

Loosing weight helps


Low impact exercises

F.R.O.M. Full Range of Motion

*As always, get the advice of a healthcare professional.

Aired November 16, 2015 on WTOP


Importance of Squatting

Listen to Importance of Squats: The Most Functional Exercise

“The most primitive movement pattern.  Strengthens core, good posture, conditions hips and ankles.”

Pay attention to form, don’t overdue weight bounce.  Squats are a great way to offset the (unnatural) amount of sitting we do.

*As always, check with your health care provider or nutritionist.

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