Isometric Training

Listen to:  Build World Class Strength Using Isometrics

Charles Atlas – Dynamic Tension
Bruce Lee – Credits 70% of Transformation of his Physique

  • Better muscular definition
  • Keep your muscles engaged.
  • Easy on joints.
  • Can be done anywhere.
  • Discover your muscle imbalances.


“If you wanna go from Mr Punyverse to Mr Universe, give [this] a squeeze.”

Aired on WTOP November 28 2016


Bosu Balls – Half Sphere – Multitude of Exercises

Listen to: Bosu Ball Workouts

*Please consult your health care provider before attempting new activities.*

Originally aired on WTOP September 6, 2016

Importance of Squatting

Listen to Importance of Squats: The Most Functional Exercise

“The most primitive movement pattern.  Strengthens core, good posture, conditions hips and ankles.”

Pay attention to form, don’t overdue weight bounce.  Squats are a great way to offset the (unnatural) amount of sitting we do.

*As always, check with your health care provider or nutritionist.

This week’s trivia: ‘The greatest wrestler of all time’

Original air date, 4-20-15 on WTOP